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to New Life, a church for people in Västerås


Welcome to Transformation

A church planting conference held at New Life Church, Stockholm on February 14 (2 PM) - February 16 (4 PM).

Transforming our cities and nations through the power of the Gospel as we plant new churches.

Transforming our present churches as we dare to believe that we can multiply through among others the multi-site model.

Transforming the make-up of our churches as we welcome, embrace and release people representing the world through the multi-cultural church.

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New life church is a multicultural international church for the whole family. Our ambition is to be a relevant and trustworthy church where everyone is welcome.

Newlife Västerås is a church that is a part of the Newlife network. We are seven churches in Sweden, five in Stockholm, one in Gothenburg and we are located in Västerås.

We are dreaming of seeing many new churchplantings in Sweden, Europe and all over the world.

We are convinced that we need to stand close together in this and that "we are better together".

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